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Website Privacy Policy (last updated on 7/17/2006)

This website is only to be used by the Girl Scout Leaders, Girl Scouts (with proper adult supervision), and parents or guardians of Girl Scouts within the Lake Zurich Service Unit.

Only parents or adult legal guardians of the Lake Zurich Service Unit Girl Scout children are allowed to register on the website. For identification purposes, you'll be asked to enter the Girl Scout's first name, last name, troop number and a family e-mail address during the registration process (Do not register using a Girl Scout's personal e-mail address.) Your family's e-mail address will only be used by the Girl Scout Leaders to contact your family regarding the Girl Scout activities. The website developers and Girl Scout Leaders will never share any of this personal information with third-party websites. During the registration and subsequent log-in submissions, the website uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology.

The website is used for the sole purpose of communication by the Lake Zurich Girl Scout Service Unit. The website does not contain any chat, discussion board, or instant messaging features. Although leaders try to provide accurate information, we do not guarantee that the information on the website will be accessible or is correct. The website uses cookies (In technical terms, "cookies" are very small electronic files that are placed on your computer) and they are used to provide custom content specific to an individual troop. They will be removed if you log-out.

As with everything on the Internet, use your best judgment! Parents should always monitor website activity, never share any personal information with strangers on the Internet via forums, e-mail or online chat, and never purchase items from unknown or unsecured websites. If you ever have any questions or ideas regarding the website, please feel free to contact the website administrator or your Girl Scout Leader.

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